Presents the Science-Fiction series…


Want to know how it all started?

Here you can find an index to each chapter and short story posted, from The Day the Sun Died to what is coming – it is all here for your reading pleasure.

The Day the Sun Died – Prelude

Between the Lines: It’s a kind of Magnet

Between the Lines: A look into the world of The Day the Sun Died

Coming soon:



They said it would not happen for billions of years – until the days started getting longer, the seas swallowed swatches of continents and the seasons ceased to exist. The world’s rotation is slowing quickly. Hope Richmond needs to get out of Dodge, before the next thing to vanish is the air she breathes.


Candace Banwell works an unrewarding job in a small town pharmacy, watching in terror as the long awaited Bird Flu starts to ravage the globe. When she opens a strange email from an old school friend-turned-doctor, she finds shocking evidence that this pandemic was no natural event…

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